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I live in Warwick, on the Southern Darling Downs. I am a registered storm spotter and a huge rail nut. When I'm not spotting storms, I'm chasing trains. This leads to late nights and a tight budget due to buying lots of film. I am involved in the Southern Downs Steam Railway and also am a member of The Salvation Army. Life is busy and hetic but I'm always looking for the next storm, so much so that if it threatens to be weather, I'll drive people crazy. (Sort of) 

My other hobby is standing out in open areas when a storm approaches to get the perfect view, or lately the perfect picture. With in reason. I do have a safety margin and for each person it is different. Storms are very unpredicabe and lightning a big killer, so I generally don't stay out when lightning is close. Having almost being struck now a couple of times by rouge bolts, it pays to be prepared and safe. But I'll stay at a window and watch for hours.

Warwick is probably one of the best areas to watch storms as one day you might get hit by a tornadic supercell, the next night you'll watch storms build and go on to Brisbane as supercells and the next day you might watch a beautiful "range lightning show".

Probably spending my holidays up here every summer helped my thirst for storms. I have vivid memories of being caught in the biggest hailstorm here in the 1980's, and the October 13, 1998 Tornadic storm and the most recent being January's severe storm day which I took pictures of and can be found on this website.  Click here to go to my members gallery and see these pictures.

I suppose being without a vehicle can be a bit of a pain when storm chasing, btu who needs to chase when the storms come near you. 90 % of th storms that hit Brisbane come through this area and are clearly visible from vantage points in Warwick. My aim out here is to provide an advance warning system to fellow spotters so as to help with their chases and plans. 

Having lived in Brisbane for most of my life I am quite familiar with Brisbanes storm hot spots, but coming out here and seeing how the contours of the land reacts with storms and affects their severity and path has been a real eye opener. I know of two areas that I consider to be prime for tornadoes and any storms in that direction I watch closely

Anyway, Enough gas bagging. I hope you enjoy my pictures and this site. Feel free to email me at anytime and enjoy watching one of natures feal beautiful treats

Adam has a selection of weather photos on this site.
January 1, 2000 - Taken by Adam Cole1999-2000 Storm Season - Taken by Adam ColeJanuary 1, 2000 - Taken by Adam ColeJanuary 1, 2000 - Taken by Adam Cole
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