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My earliest ever memory was watching lightning through my bedroom window in Papua New Guinea before I was even 2 years old.  From then on, I was fascinated by every aspect of the weather.  I have countless memories of awesome thunderstorms during my school years.  Often I would be watching the goings on out the window when I should have been listening to the teacher! Before I went online I would rely purely on my observations and I'm happy to say these proved a very good forecasting tool - if you don't know what to look for in the sky then you really don't have a clue.  You can't rely only on what you've seen through a computer screen.  Four months after I went online I launched my website called The Brisbane and SE Qld Storm Site (link below) and in the first 10 months  I've recorded around 20 000 hits, of which I'm very proud of.

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James is currently re-designing his homepage, but has a photo gallery here that he's updating in the meantime.