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Im 22 and live in Sherwood.  I have a Bahelor of Applied Science In Mathematics majoring in Statistics and will be completing my honours degree next year.  At the moment I work for Colmar Brunton Research as a Research Consultant but who knows what the future may hold!

My interest or at first disinterest in weather began when I was a toddler.  My Mum told me that it was a stormy day and as she was pushing me in a stroller across the road **BANG**, a huge CG struck nearby. I must have got the shock of my life, because after that I was absolutely scared of storms, always sleeping in Mum and Dads room at night when there was a storm, up until I was about 13.  This slowly changed from fear to curiousity, where I began to watch in awe the magnificence and unpredictable nature of severe weather.   I joined ASWA to learn more about severe weather and eventually I would like to own a camera or a video camera so I can record all those moments that set my heart reacing, not knowing what was to happen next. I hope this will be soon because while I was in Spain not long ago on a holiday, I witnessed a fantastic storm, which I would have loved to have shared with the other storm enthusiasts in ASWA.  I also experienced something I had never experienced before - my hair literally standing on end as a CG struck nearby.  Amazing!!