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This chase started at Tenterfield with a nice funnel cloud.  Anthony Cornelius then progressed north towards Warwick and further and witnessed some spectacular storm structure and hail drifts!

JAN 17-18
Perhaps one of the best days of the season, this absolutely phenomenal day gave plenty of severe thunderstorms and supercells!  As this chase report by Anthony Cornelius illustrates.

JAN 17-18
A chase report for the same day/night from James Chambers, who caught up with a spectacular supercell near Beaudesert.

JAN 17-20
To suppliment the chase reports - this informal technical report by Anthony Cornelius outlines a few opinions and factors that played such a critical role in such a significant thunderstorm event.

JAN 27
An inland heat trough gave an afternoon of nice storms, although nothing spectacular - still nice to experience!  There was some very strong rotation evident at Boonah however.  Anthony Cornelius' report illustrates this.

JAN 28
This day was better than the previous, some nice slow moving severe storms gave some flash flooding.  Lots of lightning in this chase!  And an unwanted surprise that dampened Anthony Cornelius' storm chase.

Falls up to 300mm in a few hours caused flood chaos in much of Brisbane!  Anthony Cornelius got caught up in the middle of it all as his report outlines.

Ben Quinn reports on the same day - flash flooding at Aspley and north of Brisbane. Also photos of storms during the morning and early afternoon.

MAR 12
An absolutely spectacular shelf cloud from an afternoon of thunderstorms on the Darling Downs!  Anthony Cornelius was lucky enough to be able to chase in the region.

MAR 18
Some nice thunderstorms developed and moved over the Redcliffe area.  Several storms actually moved over Redcliffe, one producing a nice wall cloud, and some very nice updrafts!  Anthony Cornelius was able to chase this afternoon around the Redcliffe region.

APR 26-27
Anthony Cornelius was able to chase in the Downs over two days and experienced a wall cloud, funnel, mean gust front and also got slammed in by a microburst that caused rocks to be picked up and chip the side of the car!.

An upper level low with some surface moisture gave a day of storms on the ranges.  Including one hailstorm that gave a funnel cloud, and some brilliant rainbows experienced by Anthony Cornelius!

MAY 17
A trough was the beginning of several days of yet more unseasonal thunderstorms!  Anthony Cornelius experienced yet another funnel, dozens of trees down from strong straight line winds and one foot hail drifts that looked like snow!

In between studying, I chased a line of storms to the west of Brisbane and witnessed a tornado on the ground for 5-6 minutes from the town of Grandchester!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 11
A nice day of pulse storms - some good lightning, heavy rain and lots of interesting base features!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 18
A great day!  Started off with a tornadic supercell in the Eastern Downs and Border Ranges with some great features!  Before getting an intense lightning show from a severe squall line later on.  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 18
After a supercell earlier in the afternoon, a severe squall line with some great lightning moved over the area to give a lightshow!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 18
A chase report for the same day from James Chambers, who caught up with a supercell that produced a likely tornado near Maroon Dam.

NOV 23
Anthony Cornelius and Andrew McDonald report on a chase150km west of Roma.  Some great lightning, unbelievably torrential rain and strong winds bordering to severe.

NOV 24
This was the most amazing lightning show I had ever witnessed!  Dubbed "Flangfest 2001" - we were surrounded by CGs sometimes hitting trees and powerpoles around us!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 26
After nearly busting again, a small thunderstorm that we had been following for an hour turned into a monster tornadic supercell on the Darling Downs!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

NOV 27
Anthony Cornelius and Andrew McDonald report on a 500km long severe squall line in the SE quarter of Queensland.

What orginally looked to be a marginal day ended up being spectacular!  Starting with a severe pulse storms, some monsters developed to our north giving spetacular structure!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

DEC 22
Part one of a supercell and lightning chase, a rather nice supercell went through Boonah, north of Beaudesert and then out to sea.  It produced four funnels under the meso area.  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

DEC 22
Most of the lightning from December 22 is in this report, the storms had little precip so almost every CG was visible, and they were incredibly lightning active!!!  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

DEC 30
A great day!  Followed a developing supercell from Boonah to Beaudesert before it took a 90 degree turn heading straight for Brisbane!  I experienced some 3-4cm hail and 100km/h winds in South Brisbane.  Report by Anthony Cornelius.

DEC 31
The title of this report "How do you like your capping - rare or well done?"  Says it all, two very different days with wasted instability (-10 to -12 LIs and 4000-5000 CAPE).