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One of the best storm days of the 1999/2000 season.  Shelf clouds, microbursts and glorious sunset Cb's made for quite an enjoyable chase.

JAN 22
A record breaking heatwave set the scene for these huge storms which develop NW of Brisbane.  Definately a chse to remember.

JAN 29
A waterspout photographed by Ben Quinn on a stock standard coastal shower day.

JAN 30
This chase revealed quite an odd 'double decker' shelf cloud.  Click on the thumbnail to the left to find out more.

JUL 10
An amazing storm day for July.  Oodles of Cg's and even some gust front funnels!

JUL 28
We don't just chase storms! Anthony Cornelius devled into the world of snow chasing this winter.

AUG 23
After 6 months of coastal Cb's and congestus, the boiling updrafts on this day were a sight for sore eyes.  Report by Ben Quinn.

AUG 23
Photogenic Thunderstorms developed during the afternoon - rainbows, hailshafts and magnificent Cb structures. Another great unexpected Winter Thunderstorm.  Report by James Chambes.

SEP 27
Even though we didn't actually experience any storms on this day, we still saw some great Cb's , and once again it was a good warmup chase for the upcoming season.

OCT 14
An early morning squall line produced some of the most amazing arcus features, and also a possible tornado!

OCT 14
Anthony Cornelius drove through a weak tornado on this day!.

OCT 16-17
A great midnight chase on the Gold Coast gave torrential rain, strong winds and some awesome flangs! Followed by a beautiful sunset Cb the following day.

OCT 25
Anthony Cornelius bagged 2 wall clouds and a funnel on this day! as well as some great gusters and an awesome rainfoot.

OCT 26
James Chambers reports on a great shelf cloud and lightning show south of Beaudesert.

OCT 26-27
A tornado was videod SW of Brisbane by Anthony Cornelius.  An night of truly spectacular lightning was to follow, along with a massive shelf cloud near Beaudesert.

Anthony Cornelius chased a nice supercell west of Brisbane, scoring a funnel, and a wall cloud! Also images of another supercell that lasted 8 hours!

Anthony Cornelius bagged a great supercell that yielded a wall cloud and a funnel! As well as several hailstorms .

2 supercells, a rotating updraft and a spectacular wall cloud! Anthony Cornelius continues his run of successfull storm chases.

A clearing SE change and lots of moisture ensured a day of spectacular shelf clouds which didn't disappoint!.

DEC 12
A chase that resulted in more then what was bargained for!  Anthony Cornelius and Paul Yole get slammed by near golf ball hail and 100km/h winds!

DEC 25-27
Santa finally received our letter and delivered a few days of thunderstorms, with some isolated severe events!  Jason Rainforest and Anthony Cornelius were able to chase on one of these days.